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Dave Latham

Diploma in Counselling,

(Member BACP)


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We all feel worried or unhappy at some time in our lives. The stresses of everyday life, at home or at work, can affect our emotional well being, leaving us feeling overwhelmed or sad. Major life events , such as divorce and bereavement, will also affect our health and happiness.

During these difficult times, it helps to talk, and whilst friends and family can help, this can sometimes be difficult or inappropriate. At these times, it is often better to talk to someone who is not close to the situation, someone that will not form judgment and who is professionally trained and qualified to help.

Counselling (or Personal Therapy) can be helpful when you experience these difficult times in your life.  It enables you to work through problems, and, together, be able to explore, understand, and find answers to your worries and concerns.

A Counsellor will provide you with a safe and comfortable place, in which to discuss your feelings. A place where you are able to express your emotions and talk in confidence.